Sunday, October 4

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    Sunday, October 4

    I will not renounce my integrity!Job 27:5.

    When applied to us as servants of God, integrity means wholehearted love for and unbreakable devotion to Jehovah as a Person, so that his will comes first in all our decisions. One basic meaning of the Bible word for “integrity” is this: complete, sound, or whole. For example, the animals sacrificed to Jehovah had to be sound. (Lev. 22:21, 22)

    God’s people were not allowed to offer up an animal that was missing a leg, an ear, or an eye; nor could they offer one full of disease. It was important to Jehovah that the animal be complete, sound, or whole. (Mal. 1:6-9)

    We can understand why Jehovah cares about soundness or completeness. When we purchase something, whether a piece of fruit, a book, or a tool, we do not want one that has gaping holes or parts missing. We want one that is complete, sound, or whole. Jehovah feels similarly when it comes to our love for him, our loyalty. It must be complete, sound, or whole.

    w19.02 3 ¶3

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