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    Sunday, March 3

    Trust in Jehovah with all your heart and do not lean upon your own understanding.—Prov. 3:5.

    Trusting in Jehovah with a
    complete heart involves doing things his way, according to hiswill.

    Central to doing so is our
    continually approaching him in prayer and making heartfelt requests
    for his guidance. However,leaning completely upon Jehovah presents a challenge for many.

    For example, a Christian sister named Lynn admits,

    to put my complete confidence

    in Jehovah has been an ongoing struggle for me.â€￾ Why? “I have no relationship with my father,â€￾
    says, “and I have a mother who did not care for me emotionally or physically. So I very quickly
    learned to look after myself.â€￾

    Lynn’s background made it difficult
    for her to trust anyone fully.
    Personal ability and success can also cause a person to be self reliant.
    Relying on his experience,an elder may begin to care for matters involving the congregation

    without first approaching God in prayer.

    w11 11/15 1:3

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    If it is not wise for us to lean upon our OWN understanding, how much
    more futile and outright dangerous would it be to lean upon the
    understanding of OTHERS,

    especially those who claim to have been appointed over all Christ’s
    belongings even before His return to judge His slaves?

    Hence, our understanding needs to be enlightened by the Word of
    God through His Holy Spirit, and if that also happens to coincide
    with the understanding given to others, then we may consider
    them to be our brothers in the faith.

    So God wants us to worship Him with OUR own power of reason,
    since He has given us intellectual capacity to know the True One
    by means of His Son Jesus Christ.

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