The Death-Stroke of Revelation 13 could be in the making

Discussion in 'Bible Prophecy' started by Jan, Dec 7, 2018.

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    The widespread protests and riots in France now could lead to a death-blow to the French government.
    I would well fit the biblical time line. Some people, including me believe that Revelation 12:1,2 was fulfilled by the astronomical alignment that occured September 23, 2017. So then the next thing in order to fulfill should be a death-blow to one of the heads of the seven headed beast in Revelation 13. And according to the same chapter the death-blow will heal. And after that this seven-headed best will get great power from the dragon and the persecution of those who will not worship the beast will begin. That should be the cause the woman and her seed in Revelation 12 begin to be perecuted.

    So we could be almost there. Watch out for what will happen in France and have in mind the prophecy about the death-blow.

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