The Economist predicted 1-World-Currency by 2018!

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    I just saw this comment on e-watchman & it seems very significant!

    Note the date on the coin, & the US$ burning beneath the feet of the Pheonix, & its imperial “royal European” crown?!?
    Their (Rothschilds) plan has been in plain site for 30 years, …for the demise of nation-states by the rise of the last global empire; the 8th King Cometh!

    No joke folks…
    Their (luciferian illuminists) “New World Order” master-plan has been plain sight for 30+ years! First they’ll dethrone the US$ (petrodollar as World-Reserve Currency) THIS YEAR, with BRICS veto’ing the USA at the next (UN’s) IMF currency-ranking vote (mid-October).
    Then by 2018 the US$ economy ‘crashes & burns’ so that the UN’s world-currency rises up from the ashes like a ‘Phoenix’ (see also the US $1 bill) …to ‘save the day’ after the US$-‘hits the fan’, (nearly or fully?) collapsing the Westen financial ‘house of cards’… + global repercussions…

    i.e. anyone still holding US$ investments are in for the shock of their lives by 2018!

    The “new world order” puppeteers, the ‘bankster wizards behind the curtain’ (likely a.k.a. “the king of the north”) always publish their demonic plans in plain sight to taunt the oblivious masses of humanity…

    & The Bible also was very clear on this too!

    Daniel 11:38, 39, 43
    …he will give glory by means of gold and silver and precious stones and desirable things. 39 He will act effectively against the most fortified strongholds, along with a foreign god. He will give great glory to those who give him recognition, and he will make them rule among many; and the ground he will apportion out for a price. …
    43 And he will rule over the hidden treasures of gold and silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. {USA} …

    The UN’s “Global Monetary Governance”:
    “China’s attempt to weaken the US dominance in the international monetary system through the IMF” …
    “the IMF assists China in pursuing leadership in global governance of monetary policies.”

    Is an inevitable globalist (neo-socialist) monitory coup d’etat (&/or coup de grâce?) about to hit the US$ like a ‘ton of BRICS’? Many indications certainly point to such coming very soon, & the public is oblivious to the potentially devistating implications that would be wrought against the Western financial system, when this new alliance between BRICS & the UN-controlled IMF reaches its inevitable & blatently obvious goal of world-domination – their “new world order”.

    (It’s expected that later this month of October, at/after the IMF’s next scheduled currency-ranking vote, that BRICS will most likely use their newly acquired veto authority to overrule the USA, to dethrone the US$ as World-Reserve Currency [which is currently the ONLY THING GIVING VALUE TO THE US$], to be supplanted by either China’s Yuan/RMB or the IMF’s SDR itself…
    But in any case, after the US$ is “trumped” by BRICS, the ramifications for the Western economy are bleak, dark & ominous, to put it mildly.
    The ‘greatest depression’ is coming folks… at best. But the potential for economic collapse will never have been so high as after this coming major monetary transition shortly takes place.)

    Forget bitcoin, IMFcoin could be the digital future of SDRs

    “Level playing field” for all currencies means 1-world-currency!

    Ahhhhhh… & Thier Nimrod’ian motives become clearer, yes?!?!
    “Could the IMF’s ‘world currency’ help encourage global UNity?”

    Their “brave new world order” comes into clearer focus…
    (“Fintech” is financial-technology, aka digital ‘IMFcoin’ cryptocurrency)

    It’s most likely that the new world-currency will be a digital cryptocurrency (not unlike Bitcoin) as such is the easiest to control via computers, & also to “delete” or prohibit (buying+selling) from anyone who “displeases” their New World Order…

    This Bible account also just came to my mind (& very intensely I may add) so it seems pertinent to this situation…

    Gen 41:7, 19-21, 29-32
    “7 And the thin ears of grain began to swallow up the seven full and choice ears of grain. At this Pharʹaoh woke up and realized that it was a dream.

    19 And there were seven other cows coming up after them, poor and very bad-looking and thin. I have never seen such bad-looking cows in all the land of Egypt. 20 And the skinny, bad cows began to eat up the first seven fat cows. 21 But when they had consumed them, no one could have known that they had done so, since their appearance was just as bad as at the start. At that I woke up.

    29 “There are to be seven years of great abundance in all the land of Egypt. 30 But seven years of famine will certainly arise after them, and all the abundance in the land of Egypt will certainly be forgotten, and the famine will exhaust the land. 31 And the previous abundance in the land will not be remembered because of the famine afterward, for it will be very severe. 32 The dream was given twice to Pharʹaoh because the matter has been firmly established by the true God, and the true God will soon carry it out.”

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