The Fork in the Road

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    It's inevitable that at some point in time every Christian comes to a fork in the road in regards to their faith, a point in time in which they must choose between either accepting the wisdom of men or that wisdom which comes from above, the wisdom of God. This is a pivotal test in distinguishing between the mere professor and the true Christian.

    Understand I'm not talking about blind faith here as is commonly practiced by the majority of professing Christians; these tend to believe anything stated (especially if it comes from their Minister) without any sure facts (biblical facts) in support, facts which they themselves have proven, No! That’s just blind credulity, gullibility, no, what I'm talking about is when the believer has been confronted with Scriptural evidence which is beyond contention, which has been confirmed by the “the whole counsel of God”, (Acts 20:27) i.e. by two or more witnesses.

    It's at this juncture that a definite choice must be made. The individual must determine once for all if their faith is truly genuine or have they simply been fooling themselves all along, if so then they should cease all pretense of imagining that they are true believers. A believer is one who believes in the Word of God as being superior to that of the word of man.

    When a specific truth has been presented with adequate supporting evidence which the individual has confirmed for themselves from the Word of God it must be promptly assimilated. Once a truth has been fully established it needs no further quirking and/or collaboration from the word of man. Dabbling in the so-called wisdom of men can only lead to doubt and the crumbling of one’s faith.

    You'll know when you've arrived at the truth on any particular biblical subject, because the truth on the issue once established by the Word of God fully satisfies the soul, the hunger being fully abated you won't need to go looking any further for evidence elsewhere, you're now prepared to move on to the next truth, and so truth (i.e. established truth) by truth you slowly build a sure faith structure composed of gold, silver, precious stones one which is able to withstand the onslaught of the fiery darts of the Adversary and the so-called wisdom of man.

    Alas those who come to this fork in the road unsure of their course who wind up choosing what they imagine to be the safe course, the one traveled by the majority of professed believers continue to build their faith based upon the wisdom of men, with improper materials, viz. wood, hay, and straw, human traditions and errors, that is the precepts and teachings of men. Unfortunately unlike the Word of God which “changes not” the wisdom of man not being fully grounded in fact changes from season to season, and so those who choose to follow such a course are left being blown about by every wind of doctrine that comes down the pipe line, “ever learning (new things), but never able to arrive (i.e. to become established) at the truth.”

    Lord bless,

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