Thursday, August 12

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    Thursday, August 12

    Make sure of the more important things,
    so that you may be flawless and not stumbling others.

    Phil. 1:10.

    How could we stumble someone? Consider this scenario. A Bible student is finally able to control his addiction to alcohol. He realizes that he must abstain from it completely, makes progress, and gets baptized.

    Later, a well-meaning host of a Christian gathering urges the new brother to accept an alcoholic beverage, saying: “If you exercise self-control, you should be able to make moderate use of alcohol.” We can only imagine what the consequences would be if the new brother were to listen to that misguided advice!

    Our Christian meetings help us to apply the instructions given in today’s text. They remind us of what Jehovah considers to be more important and how to apply what we learn so that we may be flawless. They also encourage us to love God and our brothers. When these two great loves fill our heart, we will do our very best to avoid stumbling our brothers.

    w19.08 10 ¶9; 11 ¶13-14

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