Thursday, August 15

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    Thursday, August 15

    God . . . energizes you,
    giving you both the desire and the power to act.

    Phil. 2:13.

    Courageous men who are willing to take on more responsibility are a blessing to a congregation. (1 Tim. 3:1)

    However, some may be reluctant to reach out. Perhaps a brother has made mistakes in the past, and now he feels that he is not worthy of being a ministerial servant or an elder. Another brother might have feelings of inadequacy about fulfilling an assignment. If you feel that way, Jehovah can help you develop courage. (Phil. 4:13) Remember, at one point, Moses did not feel qualified for an assignment. (Ex. 3:11)

    Yet, Jehovah helped him, and in time, Moses developed courage to accomplish the work. A baptized brother can develop similar courage by seeking God’s help in earnest prayer and by daily reading the Bible. Meditating on accounts of courage will also help. He can humbly ask the elders for training and make himself available to help in whatever way is needed.

    w17.09 32 ¶19

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