Thursday, February 7

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    Thursday, February 7

    Just as I have loved you, you also love one another.John 13:34.

    In contrast with the people who show the widespread lack of love today, those who worship Jehovah have genuine love for their fellow man. This has always been true. Jesus said that love of neighbor was the second most important commandment in the Mosaic Law, second only to love of God. (Matt. 22:38, 39)

    Jesus also said that love for one another would be the quality that would identify true Christians. (John 13:35) Such Christian love would even be extended to one’s enemies. (Matt. 5:43, 44)

    Jesus showed great love for others. He went from city to city, telling people the good news about the Kingdom of God. He cured the blind, the lame, the lepers, and the deaf. He raised the dead. (Luke 7:22)

    Jesus even gave his own life in behalf of mankind. Jesus’ love perfectly reflected the love his Father shows. Throughout the earth, Jehovah’s Witnesses express godly love toward others.

    w18.01 29-30 ¶11-12


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