Thursday, July 4

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    Thursday, July 4

    [Noah] proved himself faultless among his contemporaries.
    Noah walked with the true God.

    Gen. 6:9.

    Noah was not content just to lead a good life. He also became a bold “preacher of righteousness,” publicly confessing his faith in Jehovah. (2 Pet. 2:5) “Through this faith he condemned the world,” wrote the apostle Paul. (Heb. 11:7)

    It stands to reason, therefore, that Noah faced ridicule and opposition, perhaps even threats of violence. But he was not “trembling at men.” (Prov. 29:25) Rather, he had the courage that Jehovah gives to his faithful servants. After Noah had walked with God for more than five centuries, Jehovah told him to build an ark for the saving of human and animal life. (Gen. 5:32; 6:14)

    How difficult that project must have seemed—and not just from the construction point of view! Noah surely knew that it would bring on even more ridicule and opposition. Still, he obediently went ahead in faith. “He did just so.”Gen. 6:22.

    w18.02 4 ¶4, 6-7

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