Thursday, June 27

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    Thursday, June 27

    His delight is in the law of Jehovah,
    and he reads His law in an undertone day and night.

    Ps. 1:2.

    Besides reading the Bible and our Bible-based publications, how else can we develop a deep love for Bible truth? We can enhance our love for Bible truth by regularly attending congregation meetings. The weekly study of the Bible with the help of The Watchtower is a principal means by which we are taught.

    To get the sense of the subject that is considered, we need to prepare well for each Watchtower Study. One way we can do so is by looking up each of the cited Bible texts. Nowadays, The Watchtower can be downloaded from the website or viewed on the JW Library app in many languages.

    Some electronic formats allow us to access quickly the cited texts from each study article. But whatever method we use, reading these scriptures carefully and meditating on them will deepen our love for Bible truth.

    w17.05 20 ¶14

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