Thursday, March 12

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    Thursday, March 12

    Stop being molded by this system of things.

    Rom. 12:2.

    Some people resist the idea of having anyone mold or influence their thoughts. “I think for myself,” they say. They probably mean that they make their own decisions and that it is proper to do so. They do not wish to be controlled, nor do they want to surrender their individuality.

    We can be assured, however, that bringing our thinking into harmony with Jehovah’s does not mean giving up all individual thought or expression. As stated at 2 Corinthians 3:17, “where the spirit of Jehovah is, there is freedom.” We are free to develop our own distinct personalities.

    We can have our personal preferences and choose our fields of interest. Indeed, Jehovah designed us to do so. However, we cannot use our freedom without restraint. (1 Pet. 2:16) When it comes to issues of right and wrong, Jehovah wants us to be guided by his thinking as revealed in his Word.

    w18.11 19 ¶5-6

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