Tuesday, April 12

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    Tuesday, April 12

    All the families of the ground will certainly be blessed by means of you.—Gen. 12:3.

    This is the earliest recorded account of the Abrahamic covenant—the covenant that Jehovah God made with Abraham. It went into effect in 1943 B.C.E., when 75-year-old Abraham left Haran and crossed the Euphrates River. Jehovah restated his promise to Abraham a number of times, adding further details. (Gen. 13:15-17; 17:1-8, 16) And when Abraham demonstrated unshakable faith in God’s promises by showing willingness to offer up his only son, Jehovah reinforced the covenant with an unconditional promise. (Gen. 22:15-18; Heb. 11:17, 18)

    After the Abrahamic covenant went into effect, Jehovah gradually revealed important details about the offspring of the woman. (Gen. 3:15) The offspring would descend from Abraham, would be many in number, would have a kingly function, would destroy all enemies, and would be a blessing for many others. w14 10/15 1:9, 10

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