Tuesday, August 13

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    Tuesday, August 13

    It is good to sing praises to our God.

    Ps. 147:1.

    You may feel embarrassed when comparing your voice with others. That, however, should not interfere with your responsibility to sing praises to Jehovah. Rather, hold your songbook up high, lift your head, and sing with heartfelt expression!

    (Ezra 3:11)

    Today, in many Kingdom Halls, the words of the songs are shown on screens, which helps us to sing out. It is also of interest that the singing of Kingdom songs has been made part of the Kingdom Ministry School curriculum for elders.

    This emphasizes the need for elders to take the lead in congregation singing. One factor that keeps many from singing with a full voice is fear. It may be fear of possibly sounding unpleasant to others. However, we should keep in mind that when we speak, “we all stumble many times.” (Jas. 3:2) Yet, that does not stop us from speaking. So why should we let our imperfect singing voices stop us from praising Jehovah in song?

    w17.11 4-5 ¶9-10

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