Tuesday, August 17

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    Tuesday, August 17

    Do not forget to do good and to share what you have with others,
    for God is well-pleased with such sacrifices.

    Heb. 13:16.

    Jehovah promised Simeon, a loyal older man in Jerusalem, that he would not see death before he laid eyes on the Messiah. That promise must have encouraged Simeon greatly, since he had been waiting many years for the Messiah.

    His faith and endurance were rewarded.

    One day, “under the power of the spirit,” he came into the temple. There he saw the infant Jesus, and Jehovah used Simeon to deliver a prophecy about this child who would become the Christ. (Luke 2:25-35) Although Simeon likely did not live long enough to see Jesus carry out his earthly ministry, Simeon was grateful for the privilege he had, and the best is yet to come for him! In the new world, that faithful man will see how Jesus’ rulership will be a blessing to all the families of the earth. (Gen. 22:18)

    We too can be grateful for any privilege Jehovah gives us in his service.

    w19.10 22 ¶7; 23 ¶12

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