Tuesday, October 6

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    Tuesday, October 6

    Let us always offer to God a sacrifice of praise.

    Heb. 13:15.

    Jehovah knows that we have different abilities and circumstances, and he deeply appreciates the sacrifices we are able to offer to him.

    Think of the type of sacrifices that he accepted from the Israelites. Some Israelites were able to offer a lamb or a goat.

    But a poor Israelite might offer “two turtledoves or two young pigeons.” And if an Israelite could not afford two birds, Jehovah accepted “a tenth of an ephah of fine flour.” (Lev. 5:7, 11) Flour was less expensive, but Jehovah still appreciated that sacrifice, as long as it was “fine flour.”

    Our kind God feels the same way today. When we give comments, he does not demand that all of us be as eloquent as Apollos or as persuasive as Paul. (Acts 18:24; 26:28) All Jehovah wants is that we give the best comments we can—within our limits. Remember the widow who offered the two small coins. She was precious to Jehovah because she gave the best she could.—Luke 21:1-4.

    w19.01 8-9 ¶3-5

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