Wednesday, August 14

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    Wednesday, August 14

    It will occur
    —if you do not fail to listen to the voice of Jehovah your God.

    Zech. 6:15.

    As Zechariah’s seventh vision closes, the prophet has much to think about. Jehovah had guaranteed that he would hold dishonest people accountable for their wicked deeds. This promise surely strengthened Zechariah. Yet, nothing had really changed.

    Dishonesty and other wicked practices were still present, and the rebuilding of Jehovah’s temple in Jerusalem was far from complete. How could the Jews have abandoned their divinely appointed task so quickly? Had they returned to their homeland simply to further their own interests? Jehovah knew what his people needed.

    God gave Zechariah a final vision to assure the Jews of His love and appreciation for all that they had done so far and to guarantee protection for them if they would return to His work. In connection with rebuilding the temple, Jehovah made a promise—the words of today’s text.

    w17.10 26 ¶1; 27 ¶5

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