Wednesday, July 10

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    Wednesday, July 10

    Your brother will rise.

    John 11:23.

    Why could Martha be certain that her brother would be resurrected? She was convinced because of miracles that she likely learned about even before Jesus’ ministry began. She had learned of these as a youth at home and at the synagogue. Three accounts recorded in the inspired Scriptures may come to mind.

    Consider the first resurrection. It occurred at a time when God was empowering his prophet Elijah to work miracles. Up in Zarephath, a Phoenician coastal town, a poor widow showed hospitality to the prophet. God then miraculously maintained her supply of flour and oil, so that she and her son stayed alive.

    (1 Ki. 17:8-16)

    Later, her son got sick and died. Elijah came to her aid. While touching the corpse, Elijah prayed: “God, please, let this child’s life come back into him.” And it happened! God heard Elijah, and the child came back to life. That was the first resurrection of Bible record.

    (1 Ki. 17:17-24) Martha had certainly learned of that remarkable event.

    w17.12 3 ¶1; 4 ¶3, 5-6

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