Wednesday, May 29

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    Wednesday, May 29

    You have not spoken the truth about me as my servant Job has.Job 42:8.

    “Can a man be of use to God? Can anyone with insight be of benefit to him? Does the Almighty care that you are righteous, or does he gain anything because you follow the course of integrity?” (Job 22:1-3)

    Have you ever wondered about the answers to questions such as these? When Eliphaz the Temanite first posed them to Job, Eliphaz no doubt believed that the answer was no. His associate, Bildad the Shuhite, even argued that a righteous standing before God is not possible for humans. (Job 25:4)

    These false comforters claimed that our efforts to serve Jehovah loyally are of no benefit to him at all, that our value to God is no more than that of a moth, a maggot, or a worm. (Job 4:19; 25:6)

    Jehovah made his feelings known when he reproved Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar for speaking falsehood but took delight in Job, referring to him as “my servant.” (Job 42:7) Thus, a person can indeed “be of use to God.” w17.04 28 ¶1-2

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