Wednesday, October 14

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    Wednesday, October 14

    Philip went down to the city of Samaria and began to preach the Christ to them.

    Acts 8:5.

    Philip the evangelizer provides a fine example of one who stayed focused on his ministry despite changing circumstances. In Jerusalem, a wave of persecution arose following the martyrdom of Stephen. At the time, Philip was enjoying a new privilege of service.

    (Acts 6:1-6)

    But when Christ’s followers were scattered, Philip could not just watch and do nothing. He went to preach in Samaria, a city that was largely untouched by the good news at that time. (Matt. 10:5; Acts 8:1)

    Philip was willing to go wherever God’s spirit would lead him, so Jehovah used him to open up new territories. His impartial approach was likely refreshing to the Samaritans, who were used to being treated with disdain by the Jews.

    Little wonder that crowds listened to him “with one accord”! (Acts 8:6-8) Philip stayed focused on his ministry, and as a result, he and his family were richly blessed by Jehovah.—Acts 21:8, 9.

    w18.10 30 ¶14-16

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