Who are the 24 Elders in Revelation?

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    Who are the 24 Elders and what does it mean for you?

    This is important and a few pages long, so take bathroom breaks or snack breaks :D
    This is gonna be something you've never heard before.

    For many its a mystery of who the 24 Elders are and what there significance is in Revelation.
    First lets examine who they were throughout bible history.

    In 1 Chronicles 24 the 24 divisions of priests are listed. King David wanted to build a Temple and so he divided up the people into tribes and took priests to serve in different capacities. He divided these priests into 24 divisions of priests. These priests are also known as Elders. There were way more than 24 of them but this is were we get the term '24 Elders' because of its 24 divisions. They served in the Temple day and night before the Lord. Jehovah was in a husband like relationship with them. They had direct communication with Him and God gave His spirit to them as they were responsible over “The Children”, known as the tribes of Israel, in bringing them to a favored position with Jehovah. This is why Jehovah calls them the “Mother” in Hosea 2.

    These 24 Elder divisions paved the way for the Messiah to be born through a priestly lineage and helped bring its offspring to a covenant relationship with Christ. In Revelation this 'Mother” is referred to as “The Woman” who gives birth to Our King, High Priest, and Savior and then to the offspring who will make up the Kingdom (Rev 11).

    When we think of paving the way we think of John The Baptist. John the Baptist was a priest/24 Elder. His father was a priest who came from the line of Aaron. John's mother Elizabeth also was a descendant of Aaron. John was a '24 Elder' who paved the way for Jesus. He was also baptized by Jesus as a follower of Christ himself. John is part of the tribes but a priest of the tribes, a leader, an Elder.

    Lets examine Johns priestly duty in John chapter 3 that Watchtower miss uses to prove that there is a group that doesn't belong to Christ and that still gains life on Earth.

    [ I will add words inside brackets to help explain what John is saying. ]

    John 3:28-30
    “You yourselves can testify that I said, 'I am not the Messiah but am sent ahead of him.' The bride[John's followers] belongs to the bridegroom[Jesus]. The friend [John the priest]who attends[serves] the bridegroom[Jesus] waits and listens for him[waits until the time is right to pass his followers over to Christ], and is full of joy when he hears his voice[when he hears Jesus is ready to lead as High Priest]. That joy is mine, and it is now complete. He must become greater; I must become less.”

    John's joy is now COMPLETE because he is done preparing the way for Jesus and putting everyone under Christ. This verse was not about a heavenly class or an earthly class at all. It's about John fulfilling his priestly duties.

    The 24 Elders have always been a group on earth and though they are before Jehovah and His throne they were on earth in Gods presence. Jehovah always knows where they are even in times of splitting up because of war and exile and Jehovah continued to use them. Ezekiel was one too.(Ez 1).
    What is mainly represented by this priestly class is God's Promise to ALL mankind.
    Today it is a forgotten promise which it's origins come from the Garden of Eden.(Gen 3:15)
    Jehovah keeping a priestly class on earth and staying in direct communication with them was a physical reminder of His promise to mankind. This is a promise of restoration for everyone to be a holy people. Holy as priests with direct communication with Our Father. This promise was always for us to be made “A kingdom of priests'.

    This promise has been forgotten and scriptures have been mistranslated so that no one would understand this promise fully today. But we will look at it. We know the bible speaks of one hope in Ephesians 4:4, so lets see if this explanation lives up to those words.

    Please test what I am about to tell you. Look things up for yourselves. I don't want you to accept just anything from men.

    Nowhere in the bible, in original Hebrew or original Greek, does it say “KINGS and Priests”. It says “A kingdom and Priests” or “A kingdom of priests”. This has always been God's promise; to be made holy and become a Nation/Kingdom of Priests. We are all brothers and sisters equally, who all share in the inheritance equally. We all receive the equal pay even if you are “a last hour worker” coming in at the last moment, as Jesus tells us in his illustration of workers (Mt 20:12).

    The Forgotten Promise

    Let's look at some of these verses about “The Kingdom of Priests” promise throughout the bible.

    Ex 19:6
    “You have made us to be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.' These are the words you should speak to the Israelites.”

    Rev 5:10
    “ You have made them to be a kingdom and priests to serve our God, and they will reign ON (not over the) earth.”

    Rev 1:6 “To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father- to him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen.”

    Rev 20:6
    “Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection(there is only two). The second death has no power over them, but they will be PRIESTS of God and of Christ and will reign with him for a thousand years.'

    A priest reigning may sound confusing but not when its righteousness that reigns ON earth through them, after they themselves are made perfect, restored, righteous and holy by Christ's blood. Given crowns means having authority. Tossing your crown means it's not your own authority you wield on earth but you submit to and recognize God's Authority and Righteous ways.

    Since Christ was born through that preserved promise of priests ,and has given his life for us for a cleansing of sins, that separation between us and God, that curtain separating us from entering the most holy has been torn. The curtain of separation has been torn and we can all receive God's spirit and enter the Temple before Jehovah, as the 24 elders did, and this gift of spirit would still represent the promise as a deposit of what is to come.(2 Cor 5:5)

    24 elders, 144,,000, great crowd

    You may be thinking, If there is no more priestly class and we can all enter the most holy like the priests did and receive God's spirit, then what is represented by the 24 elders in Revelation?

    Well, In the last days there will be a gathering together of God's people at different times of testing before the end comes. Today the 24 elders are the first group. They are the ones who come off victorious from where they came from(Rev 2&3). These were found approved by God who are now sealed. They are not chosen as if they are more special than anyone else or won God's lottery. They have been found in the temple when the Angel gave John a stick to “measure the temple of God and the alter, and count the number of worshipers there.”(Rev 11:1, John 4:23) They are protected from the hour of test which comes upon the whole world(Rev 3:10). They are “given two wings of an eagle” to fly high away from Satan's reach.(Rev 11)
    These are the first group found righteous who are to be a blessing to those in the outer courtyards to help bring them in properly under Christ, paving the way for the kingdom to come on earth. Its how God works (Gen 12:1-2).

    The 24 elders are just like everyone else as part of the tribes although they are given some of the hidden manna but they are happy to share it(Rev 2:17). There is not many of them on earth but they will be joined by a faithful 144,00 ( symbolic#) who are taken from each of the tribes of God's people Israel.

    These 144,000 are those who do not take the mark of the beast after the hour of test(42 month beast's rule aka trampling by the nations), not because they are more special than you or because they won God's lottery.

    These victorious ones will be protected from the Great Tribulation/ fire of God's wrath, which is represented by them standing safely beside(not in) the sea of glass mixed with fire.(Rev 15)

    “The Great Crowd” are the rest of the tribes which a few(144,000) were taken from initially. This great crowd needed refinement and had to go through the fire and 7 plagues in the great tribulation.

    They each sing their own song which they can only sing because each group has had a different experience of refinement. 3 groups who went through 3 different times of refinement but are together on earth made holy and before Jehovah and His throne, serving Him day and night. Yes this includes “the great crowd” Rev 7:9-15 carefully.

    So what I've just explained is that God made a promise to Satan for us in Gen 3:15. He called that promise 'The Woman'. The earthly Priestly class physically represented that promise, although as just a deposit of a promise to become a kingdom of priests on earth. Jesus was that seed that completed that debt and made that promise a reality for us “children of the promise”.

    In John 18:36 Jesus is telling us that his kingdom is nothing like earth's understanding of a king and a kingdom to be. Verse 37- you may call him King but he is King only to those who listen to him, otherwise you will have no part with him and no hope.

    The Kingdom is not something greater than oneself. The Kingdom is YOU. Everything Our Father has done and His son has done was for YOU. It's all about restoring YOU as the kingdom. It was all for YOU to become a kingdom of priests on earth where righteousness is to dwell. Jesus said: “God's Kingdom is in your midst”, and this takes full effect when WE are restored to perfection with a restored communication with Our Heavenly Father.(Luke 12:21)

    As descendants of Israel and children of the promise, we will be made a kingdom of priests on earth. This will serve as a reminder of God's unfinished promise and a blessing to the resurrected unrighteous; who will live among us holy ones, as they get a second chance during the thousand years to subject themselves to Christ.(Romans 9:6-8, Isa 65)

    Your Brother

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