Worshiping Jesus-The Mighty God King

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Gabriel, Mar 14, 2015.

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    lol I know that you're being playful... A Josh who wouldn't josh wouldn't be a real Josh. Luv you too ! ;)

    It was a good idea to write this post, just in case. Frank knows what I think about him and his beliefs.

    Frank, you reason like the Muslims : mostly literal reading and interpretation, minor details hunted, used left, right and centre, dissected and worn-out till they are threadbare, a sizable pinch of folklore, with that goes being partial to rituals and to overdo things, and above all a tendency to stand for one's beliefs and to dig one's heels in no matter the pertinence of the objections set out against them.

    I don't say it to be mean. I just think that that's funny.

    Yes, I love you Frank. Well, you already know it, our disagreements over knowledge stuff won't change anything to it.
  2. love you too, my brother, someday you will understand if you keep a good spirit toward God and the Truth.


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